5 of the Best Splatter Ball Guns

5 of the Best Splatter Ball Guns - WannaKnowThat

Splatter ball guns, marinating the thrill of playful combat with an explosion of vibrant colors, have shot their way into the hearts of both young and old. Emerging as a safer, yet equally enthralling alternative to traditional paintball, they facilitate an adrenaline-pumping activity where participants engage in a kaleidoscopic battle, devoid of the painful welts and messiness. Their burgeoning popularity propels a myriad of options into the marketplace, elevating the importance of selecting a splatter ball gun that not only promises a burst of exhilarating fun but also adheres to a paramount standard of safety and usability across varied age spectrums.

What are Splatter Ball Guns?

Splatter ball guns, weaving a perfect blend of safe combat and vivid colors into recreational activities, work by propelling gelatin balls filled with a washable, non-toxic dye towards a target. Unlike their paintball counterparts, these guns employ a mechanism that utilizes pressure to launch the ammo, negating the need for an external propellant like CO2. The ammunition, often made from a soft, breakable material, ensures minimal impact force, thereby reducing the risk of injury. When a splatter ball makes contact with a surface, it bursts, leaving behind a colorful splat that is both easy to clean and environmentally friendly.We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

5 Highly-Rated Splatter Ball Guns

Here are 5 of the best splatter ball guns on the market:

Epic battles await with the SplatRBall SRB1200, bringing a torrent of fully-automatic, high-velocity water bead action to every skirmish. With a staggering fire rate of 11 rounds per second and a robust 1,200-round drum magazine, relish in relentless, uninterrupted blaster entertainment. The complete kit arms warriors with 6,000 rounds of ammo, safety glasses, an easy-loading funnel, and a target activated by the very water beads you’ll be unleashing upon your foes. Amidst the chaos, enjoy the user-friendly nature of non-toxic, fragmenting beads and simple cleanups, allowing the fun to roll on without concern for the aftermath!

Unleash unprecedented power with the Surge XL Gel Blaster, meticulously designed for absolute battlefield dominance and awe-inspiring action. Outperform and outblast with a stellar shooting range of up to 150 feet and exceptional speeds of 250 feet per second, ensured by an impressive 25% additional Gellet capacity. With the power to astonish and shock through three adaptable blasting modes, and an adjustable FPS to modulate your gaming intensity, every battle morphs into an epic saga of strategic triumph. Experience sustained gameplay with a robust 4-hour battery life per 45-minute charge and embark on an immediate battle-ready journey with a fully-loaded, inclusive kit. Conquer with Surge XL.

Navigating the realm of playful combats, the SKD Blaster presents itself as a noteworthy contender in the gel ball blaster market. Its capability to discharge up to 15 rounds per second and a shooting range of up to 100 feet provides a sufficiently engaging battlefield experience. The unit’s LED features and translucent design add a visually striking dimension to play, especially during nocturnal engagements. While durability is underscored by its waterproof construction, safety is also contemplated with its IC protection and the utilization of non-toxic gel balls. Overall, the SKD Blaster finds its place as a reasonably priced option, offering a blend of visual appeal and functional performance for recreational activities.

The Starfire XL Day & Night Gel Blaster presents a dual playtime experience, offering functionality for both day and night engagements. Its range and 25% additional Gellet capacity bring a certain merit to its performance on the playing field, enabling it to shoot notably farther than some alternatives. Transitioning from day to nocturnal activities is facilitated by the LED Starfire Activator, which imbues Gellets with a UV glow. With a maximum speed of 250 FPS and a reach up to 150 feet, the blaster provides a robust performance, while the adjustable blasting modes and FPS offer a degree of tactical flexibility. The encompassing kit supplies a range of accessories intended to support sustained, versatile play across various lighting conditions.

The Bwine M4A1 Electric Gel Ball Blaster is crafted for spirited outdoor shooting games, providing an evocative 1:1 recreation of the classic M4A1. It offers SEMI and AUTO firing modes, the latter releasing 10 water beads per second, coupled with a safety-focused trigger lock. Adjustable from 28.7 to 32 inches to accommodate various user sizes and play spaces, it proclaims a smooth, jam-free shooting experience at 300 FPS, with a top distance of 200FT and effective range of 60FT, facilitated by the latest generation drive motor. Two 7.5V 1200mAh batteries promise up to 30 minutes of play, translating to around 18,000 rounds.

Understanding Splatter Ball Guns

1. Safety and Usage

The embodiment of fun within the bounds of safety is a cornerstone of splatter ball activities. Ensuring safe play involves adopting goggles or face shields to protect eyes and skin from accidental hits. In addition, usage should be governed by a strict adherence to age-appropriate guidelines, maintaining a safe distance during engagements to further mitigate the potential of unwarranted injuries. Furthermore, understanding the gun’s operational mechanism, including loading and firing protocols, allows users to interact with the device proficiently, safeguarding against unintended discharges and promoting an atmosphere of secure, carefree enjoyment.

2. Application and Purpose

Splatter ball guns usher in a realm where competitive spirit and vibrant interaction collide. Predominantly utilized in recreational battles, they’ve carved a niche in various social events, such as birthday parties, corporate team-building activities, and community gatherings. Their inclusive design and minimal mess appeal to diverse age groups, providing a universally engaging platform where strategy and playful confrontation can coexist in a safe, lively environment. Whether it’s in an organized arena, a backyard, or a park, splatter ball guns perpetuate a form of interactive play, encouraging physical activity, strategic thinking, and social interaction within a chromatic battlefield.

Criteria for Selecting a Splatter Ball Gun

1. Material and Build Quality

Scouring the market for a splatter ball gun inevitably draws attention to its build quality and the materials employed in its creation. The embodiment of durability resides in a robust construction, utilizing high-grade plastics or polymers, capable of withstanding not only the rigors of spirited battles but also inadvertent drops and environmental exposures. Seek out models that prioritize a solid, ergonomic design, ensuring the gun can endure prolonged usage while also providing a comfortable, stable grip. Investing in a sturdy, well-constructed splatter ball gun transcends mere longevity, contributing significantly to a consistent, reliable performance across numerous encounters.

2. Accuracy and Range

Diving into the world of splatter ball battles, the efficacy of your weapon hinges substantially on its accuracy and range. A splatter ball gun with precise shooting capabilities enhances the competitive edge, ensuring that your strategic aims and shots translate effectively in the heat of the battle. Moreover, a commendable shooting range propels the strategic depth, enabling engagements from varied distances and enhancing the tactical diversity within the gameplay. Ensuring your chosen model aligns with your desired accuracy and range not only amplifies your strategic prowess but also elevates the overall immersive experience within the colorful skirmishes.

3. Safety Features

Safety, perpetually entwined with recreational activities, necessitates a scrupulous examination of the safety features integrated into a splatter ball gun. Opt for models that embed features like trigger locks, secure ammo housing, and protective barriers around potential pinch points to mitigate inadvertent discharges and ensure a safe interaction, especially amidst the younger demographic. Additionally, models that facilitate easy, secure loading and unloading of ammunition further accentuate safe usage, providing a seamless, incident-free environment wherein players can submerge themselves into the vibrant battles with an assured, underlying layer of safety and security.

4. Price and Value for Money

Striking a harmonious balance between cost and performance becomes pivotal in discerning the value proposition of a splatter ball gun. It’s imperative to navigate through the market options with a discerning eye, examining whether the features, build quality, and safety mechanisms of a model justify its price tag. Models that ensure a robust build, reliable performance, and integrated safety features without inflating the cost present a viable choice for enthusiasts across various levels. Deciphering this equilibrium between monetary investment and provided value safeguards against exorbitant spending while ensuring a product that delivers an exceptional, secure, and exhilarating experience.

Usage Tips and Maintenance

Proper Use and Safety Guidelines

Navigating the enthralling world of splatter ball battles demands adherence to crucial safety protocols and responsible usage. Always ensure that protective gear, especially eye shields, are utilized to safeguard against inadvertent splatter. Respect the defined age guidelines and maintain a prudent distance during play to minimize potential impact. Familiarize yourself with the gun’s operation, including loading and firing procedures, to foster a safe, enjoyable environment for all participants.

Maintenance and Storage

Prolong the vibrancy and functionality of your splatter ball gun with regular, mindful maintenance. Post-battle, ensure it is cleaned meticulously to prevent dye residues from hampering performance. Store in a dry, temperate space to safeguard against wear from environmental factors. Periodically inspect for any signs of damage or wear and address them promptly to ensure the longevity and consistent performance of your playful weaponry in all your colorful battles ahead.

Legal and Ethical Usage

Embarking on splatter ball escapades carries an inherent responsibility to abide by legal and ethical standards. Always ensure activities are confined to designated areas or private properties to prevent public disturbance. Respect local laws regarding the use of splatter ball guns, particularly in public spaces, and engage only with willing participants who are aware of and consent to the playful confrontation, thereby weaving a tapestry of enjoyable, conscientious play for everyone involved.


1. Do splatter ball guns hurt?

Typically, splatter ball guns are designed to be much safer and less painful than traditional paintball guns. The ammo is usually soft and breaks easily, minimizing impact force.

2. What is the age limit for a splatter ball gun?

Age limits can vary, but generally, splatter ball guns are recommended for ages 8 and up, with strict adult supervision and proper safety gear.

3. What gel blaster shoots the farthest?

Specific models might vary in their range, and product lines can update frequently. Always check the latest reviews and product descriptions for the most accurate information regarding shooting range.

4. Why does my splat gun keep jamming?

Jamming can occur due to several reasons like misshapen ammo, a dirty barrel, or a mechanical issue. Ensure you’re using the correct ammo type and size, and keep your gun clean.

5. Are gel blasters worth it?

Whether gel blasters are worth it depends on personal preference. Enthusiasts enjoy them for recreational activities and they are considered safer than paintball, but potential buyers should consider factors like legality, usage, and interest level.

6. Do gel blaster balls need to be dry?

No, gel blaster balls should be hydrated before use. However, they should not be overly saturated or stored in water as it may affect their integrity.

7. Do splatter balls dissolve?

Splatter balls do not dissolve but are designed to be easy to clean. They are made of a gelatin-like substance that breaks upon impact, leaving a splat of color.

8. How far will a gel blaster shoot?

Different models have varying ranges, but many gel blasters shoot between 15 and 30 meters. High-end models might offer increased range.

9. Do gel blasters get you wet?

Yes, gel blasters shoot gel balls that burst upon impact, leaving a small amount of liquid.

10. Do gel blasters leave a mess?

Generally, gel blasters are known for being cleaner than paintball guns. The ammo is made of a water-based gel that can be easily cleaned with water.

11. What are splat ball bullets made of?

Splat ball bullets are typically made of a superabsorbent polymer, sodium polyacrylate, or similar material, that is hydrated to create a squishy, gelatin-like pellet.

12. How do you know if your splatter ball gun is fully charged?

Charging indicators vary by model. Some might have a light indicator that changes color or turns off when fully charged, while others might require a manual check. Refer to your product’s user manual for specific instructions.

13. How long does gel Blaster last?

The longevity of a gel blaster is determined by factors like build quality, usage frequency, and maintenance practices. With proper care, some gel blasters can last for several years.

14. Can you shoot gel blasters in your backyard?

Legalities regarding gel blasters vary by location. In some places, you can use them in your backyard, while others might restrict usage to designated areas. Always check local laws and guidelines.


Immersing ourselves in the lively world of splatter ball guns, we’ve painted a guide that not only explores the mechanisms and use but also brings forth a palette of vibrant experiences. Highlighting five distinct models, each contributes its own splash of excitement and vibrancy to your playful endeavours. Stepping into your next colorful battle, let these insights be a guide to creating a spectrum of joyful, safe, and spectacular moments, ensuring each playful conflict is a kaleidoscopic journey that unfolds in the vivid arenas of splatter ball adventures.